Podcast: Pär Nilsson, transitioning from CFO to CEO

Pär has held C-level positions as a CFO and CEO in multiple industries and countries. Pär lives in Sweden

This week on the Key Figures Podcast, I am joined by Pär Nilsson.

Pär is an experienced CFO and CEO and is the founder of PGN Management in Sweden.

We discuss an important topic a lot of CFO’s struggle with, which is do I as the CFO go for the CEO job in my next move or not?

Pär’s experience as a CFO and CEO brings a wealth of tips for aspiring CEO’s currently working as a CFO.

We do the deep dive into the key hurdles including sales and marketing, dealing with the board and the ex-colleagues in the management team.

Enjoy this highly valuable chat with Pär Nilsson on the transition from a CFO to a CEO

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Podcast: Pär Nilsson, transitioning from CFO to CEO

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