Finance professionals focusing on key figures and critical processes to increase the profitability of your organisation, through permanent or interim management hiring.



Key Figures

Which key figures are at present crucial for your company?

For scaleups key figures such as sales development and burn rate are essential, while startups need to focus on the acquisition cost. More matured companies need to consider EIBTDA and free cashflow development. Having a firm grip on your cost structure is crucial, regardless of the type of company and in which stage you are.

These performance indicators or key figures are crucial to know when to make minor or major changes to the strategy, based on the information at hand. By having rigorous processes around critical parts of the value chain within the company, the performance can be forecasted, leading to a better financial and investment planning.

Key Processes

Having a good knowledge of key business processes within a company that have an impact on the bottom line, combined with professional skills to see beyond the numbers, is a must for any finance professional who wants to become a real finance business partner.

A clear focus on critical business processes is essential to be able to see beyond the numbers. Any future-ready finance professional must fully understand the basic principles, for example order to cash, procure to pay and the pre-sales process.

This is the only way you can push back on the business on unrealistic budgets and forecasts. This knowledge of key processes also allows any management team to run continuous improvement projects, leading to higher profitability.

Key People

That is why finance needs to provide key decision makers with a clear cockpit of key figures, impacting the profitability or any other key figures deemed critical in the organisation.

Operational finance remains important, but it is clear finance needs to grow into the role of business partner, regardless of the specialism of the finance professional. The biggest pressure on the finance function today is the increasing need to demonstrate value to the business, moving away from traditional finance tasks – such as collecting and reporting business figures – and thriving for a broader range of responsibilities.

Regardless of the key figures en processes at hand, it all falls on the ability of the people within finance to help implement and challenge the business, unbiased. You need Key People to run your business profitably.

Tailor made recruitment process

With many years of experience under our belt within finance management, at Key Figures we know what finance is! That’s why we have become a trusted finance recruitment partner for accountancy firms, auditors, banks, insurance companies, consultants and various industrial and service industries. We offer you a bespoke recruitment process, fully tailored to meet your specific needs.


Our rigorous recruitment process consists of seven clear steps to help you find the right finance professional:


  1. We start with an extensive intake meeting where we take the time to fully understand your role, your organisation and your needs, combined with determining the key figures and processes that need to be secured, managed and improved to help your organisation in realising its business objectives.
  2. This first step is followed bij a search and hunt for the right finance professional fitting your needs as much as possible, meeting your critical specification in terms of knowledge and personality. We have an extensive network of finance professionals who have all been pre-screened. In addition, we reach out to new candidates through specialist job boards and social media.
  3. Subsequently we present you a shortlist within 4 weeks (at most) after the start of our search process. For finance interim management solutions we are able to present you a shortlist within 72 hours, offering you the right interim management finance specialist ready to help you manage your critical processes within finance.
  4. By planning selection interviews we help you through a hassle-free recruitment process, enabling you to focus on the interview itself and the decision making. These interviews can be scheduled virtually, at your office or our offices. If needed, we can provide a discrete location for high profile hires.
  5. If needed, we help you with the assessment process through our independent partners who use scientifically proven assessment tools and provide detailed reporting.
  6. Contract negotiation and onboarding. As your finance recruitment partner, we facilitate the final mile in the recruitment process by helping you craft the best possible offer to attract the finest finance professional your budget can support. We help the chosen candidate navigate his exit at his current employer till his first working day in your office.
  7. Follow up: from the start, till one year after starting, you can count on us for a thorough follow-up of the collaboration between you and your new finance colleague.

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