Are you a key figure exceptional in your field; either in finance, sales & marketing or engineering?

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Our clients are world class enterprises and market leaders in their niche. We facilitate confidential interviews with these organisations for execeptional talents within finance, sales & marketing and engineering.

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More than anyone else you realise what changes are fastly popping up in finance , sales & marketing and engineering. Each part of the value chain requires more alignment, more value to the business and a good understanding of the value drivers leading to profit.


Are you looking for a real sparring partner in your career as a professional, from sales & marketing through engineering to finance? Would you like to discuss your ideas with a experienced recruitment specialist? Or are you ready to boost your career, desiring to talk to a recruiter who really speaks your language?


We believe in processes to support and advise you, just as you keep your attention on the key figures and core processes in the organisation you are currently working in. That is why we have a clear five step process to help you find your next role in finance that suits you perfectly:


  1. Introductory meeting: we gladly make time to get to know you as a professional and as a person. Our meeting can take place virtually, at our offices or, if needed, at a location of your choice.
  2. Setting expectations: we know you are unique. That is why we work completely tailored to your needs and expectations. What do you expect in your next career move? What professional direction do you want to go? Which interesting problems would you love to tackle? Which “burning platforms” would you like to deal with? What are your salary expectations? Let’s discuss all those questions in detail. The more we know, the more relevant opportunities we can present to you.
  3. Means of communication: you decide how you communicate with us. Do you prefer email, followed by a phone call? Or do you want us to call you right away? And what about a face-to-face meeting? Just let us know and we will adhere to your wishes.
  4. Proposing opportunities: some opportunities sound amazing, but maybe their timing is not that quite right for you. That is why we like to keep in touch with you, because we know your expectations can change over time. We therefore stay in touch with you to be fully aligned with your profesionnals wishes. This allows us to propose you relevant opportunities that fit your expectations at the moment.
  5. Advisory and career companion: our role as your trusted recruiter goes way beyond finding you the right opportunity. We also help you seize each opportunity that’s on your professional path. Our many years of expertise in finance, sales & marketing and engineering and recruitment make us a great partner at your side when making that important decision. Our help and support ranges from detecting and presenting a new opportunity, a review of your CV, a pre-interview call with specific insights for each interview stage, precious and no-nonsense feedback after each round and contract negotiations. We even help exit your current role in a way you do not burn any bridges. We guide you to navigate a potential counter-offer from your current employer till the first day you start with your brand new role you are so excited about.

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