Why we believe in focusing on

Why we believe finance is no longer a cost center but a profit driver

Most finance professionals don’t like to be at the forefront. They mostly prefer to stay away from the spotlights, working in the background to facilitate business processes and providing key figures to colleagues, allowing them to implement succesful business strategies. This has led to the misconception that finance is a cost center, and therefore not contributing to profit. This conclusion is completely unjustified!


At Key Figures we believe processes are essential components to create a succesful organisation, allowing results to be predicted more accurately. A higher predictability helps companies to realise a determined vision and a long-term plan, facilitating investments to further grow revenues, regardless of the size, type of industry or complexity of the value chain.


When there is a clear strategy in place, finance can help build the cockpit the management team needs to achieve the short-, mid- and long-term goals of the company.  Every finance professional plays an essential role in determining which key figures need to be provided on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis to secure the strategy is implemented and corrected if the markers are heading the danger zone. Finance is here to support!

Key Figures, Key Processes and Key People

Our passion originates from the fact that we have been working in finance ourselves for several years. We know what kind of efforts it takes for a finance director to deliver clear business messages to the management team.

We also realise what a tough job the senior accountant has to do to ensure all client files are in sync with the relevant deadlines within an accountancy firm.


All finance professionals agree with the argument that it’s always about Key Figures, Key Processes and Key People.

That’s what makes finance work, for the business.

Founder of Key Figures Recruitment

Bright Obeng, ex-Senior Finance Business Controller with almost 15 years experience in finance, is the founder and managing partner of Key Figures Recruitment.

Having executed various roles in finance, accounting, auditing, finance controlling, business management, financial consulting and business controlling, Bright knows perfectly that top performing financial professional focus on key figures, processes and people. This is regardless of the size and complexity of organisations.

Based on this business knowledge, combined with strong empathic and communications skills, Bright is the right person for CFO’s, Finance Directors, HR Managers and finance professionals to engage with to talk about finance recruitment.

Bright is also the host of the Key Figures Podcast, where he interviews top notch finance professionals to talk about their key figures, key processes and people management.

With offices located in Turnhout, Belgium, the team at Key Figures focuses solely on finance recruitment on the Belgian market.

Join the winning team!

We are growing, thanks to our focus on finance recruitment and our strong knowlegde of finance. This makes it easier for finance capitains like CFO’s and Finance Directors to talk to us and they feel immediately what the difference is to deal with us.

With our focus on inbound marketing, we are no pushers and very focussed on the long term growth.

Are you an experience recruiter willing to explore new opportunities in a growing recruitment firm?

The coffee, your way, is ready for a chat, fully confidential.

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